Everyone loves saving, that inspires AB Group Inc. launched the digital experiences to help people gain points from their daily purchases.


Difference: There are so many points cards in the market, could AB Points Card be something different.

For Client: How to provide an easy way for clients to gain points and manage their points effectively.

For Store: How to let the good for redeeming to attract more customers to boost their business.


After collecting data from questionnaires, we found out that most people wish to earn points from daily purchases in one place, and redeem goods from other stores, so that they have more choices for their requests.


User-friendly Interface:
AB Point’s Collector Pro features an intuitive and visually appealing user interface that ensures users can easily navigate and interact with the app.

Customizable Rewards:
Admins or users can define a wide range of rewards that users can redeem with their collected points. These rewards can include discounts, merchandise, gift cards, or access to exclusive content.

QR Code Scanning:
The app includes a built-in QR code scanner, which allows users to quickly earn points at participating businesses or events by scanning QR codes.


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