Coolifepro’s trail camera series seamlessly merges cutting-edge technology with innovative design, catering to the varied requirements of diverse hunting scenarios. Our products boast high-resolution lenses, intelligent motion sensing triggers, night vision capabilities, making them ideal for both environmental protection initiatives and hunting activities.


Distinguishing Feature: The client initially used a standard SaaS theme and aimed to grow their business in North America.

For Client: Develop a new brand identity and create a professional, easily recognizable website to display products.

For Store: Utilize Google Ads, Social Ads, and Google SEO to maximize website traffic and conversions, facilitating brand expansion into North America.


We dedicated substantial effort to researching the internet and analyzing competitors to shape the brand identity and website, aiming to establish a benchmark in the market.


Crafting Brand Identity:
Our team created a distinctive logo utilizing unique fonts and colors to convey the brand’s commitment to environmental protection and energy values.

Website Design:
A unique website was designed, employing vibrant colors to echo the brand’s core values and enhance its visual identity.

Strategic Digital Advertising:
Implementing a long-term strategy for both Google and Meta ads, we aimed to boost website traffic, enhance conversion rates, and globally showcase the brand, particularly in North America.

Optimized Google SEO:
A meticulous SEO plan was devised to drive organic traffic and elevate the website’s Domain Authority, ensuring increased visibility and prominence on search engines.


Title: Poppins

Body Text: Montserrat Regular

Color Palette