O-Sport is an Apple watch toolkit to help gym lovers track their body status and health records, packed with features to help people get connected and inspired.


Enthusiasm: How to encourage the most reluctant people to work out and get confident by using O-sport.

Platform: How to make 0-sport run perfectly by only wearing an Apple watch and being compatible with mobile devices.


Chosen yellow and black colors as the main theme colors to make appealing interfaces, and use big buttons and titles for better visual solutions.


Brand Image:
Branding O-sport is quick and simple; it all starts from the letter O; for such a simple symbol, the circle represents the infinite nature of energy and the inclusivity of the universe.

Work Types:
The O-sport app offers a range of preset workout types, including Outdoor Run, Indoor Cycle, Yoga, and many others. You can select your specific workout to get more accurate data.


Title: Abadi MT Condensed Bold

Body Text: SF Pro Text

Color Palette